Afghanistan: Guided tour of the orthopaedic centre in Kabul, room by room

The ICRC has been providing artificial limbs and physical rehabilitation for people disabled by war in Afghanistan since 1988. Our physical rehabilitation work has enabled thousands of people to regain their mobility and reintegrate into their communities. Come in and have a look at our Kabul centre, the largest of seven that the ICRC operates in Afghanistan. Your guide will be Najmuddin Helal, the head of the centre. Enjoy the tour!
This image does not reflect the actual layout of the premises.


  • Presentation

    Welcome to the orthopaedic centre in Kabul.
  • Metal component factory

    Here we prepare crutches, joints for orthoses and components for wheelchairs.
  • Assembly section - Prosthetic workshop

    The starting point for creating prostheses and orthoses.
  • Alignment section - Orthotic workshop

    Without alignment devices, the patient cannot walk or sit down properly.
  • Ortho workshop

    The ICRC ortho centre produces special corrective boots for children born with club feet, a congenital deformity.
  • Women's workshop

    Women also work at the ortho centre. They create devices for female patients and children.
  • Finishing section - Prosthetic workshop

    Here is where we put the final touches on our prostheses and orthoses.
  • Women's gait training room

    Patients come here to learn how to walk with their new prostheses.
  • Spinal injury room

    The ortho centre sometimes fills in for hospitals by treating patients with spinal afflictions.