The plight of Syrian refugees: VIDEOS

The flood of Syrian refugees arriving in Jordan and Lebanon shows no signs of abating. In cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross and the Jordanian Red Crescent, the ICRC is working to meet the most urgent of their needs. In this five short films we look at the difficulties Syrian refugees are encountering as their painful exile continues, and at what we are doing to help.


  • A father's hope

    Amr, a Syrian refugee in Lebanon is hoping that his son, who recently lost a leg, will soon be able to walk with two legs again.
  • Cash for survival

    Lama, a Syrian refugee in Jordan describes the hardship of losing everything and having to leave her country.
  • A journey full of fear

    Abdel-Rahmane describes the terrible voyage he and his family lived through when they were forced to flee from Syria to Jordan.
  • Giving it their all

    Lebanese Red Cross volunteers come to the rescue of all those in need, be they Lebanese civilians or Syrian refugees.
  • For the sake of their son

    Ahmad Mahmoud's son is paralysed and could no longer receive the treatment he needed in Syria. So Ahmad took his son and the rest of the family to Iraq.