Gaza: ICRC helps restore water and electricity during hostilities and after

From 8 July  to 4 September 2014, the ICRC carried out numerous activities in Gaza to allieviate the impact of the conflict on civilians.

The boundaries and names shown, and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the International Committee of the Red Cross.


  • Sewage pipe repaired

    ICRC and Coastal Municipalities Water Utility repaired outlet sewage pipe for Beit Lahia Lagoons
    Impact: Prevented sewage (26,000,000L/day) from seeping into aquifer and contaminating nearby water pipelines
    14 and 18 August
  • Repairing sewage systems

    ICRC helped repair wastewater pipeline in Jabalia
    Impact:Prevented 26 milion litres of sewage per day from contaminating the environment
  • Ash-shati

    Escorted Repairs of Ash-shati Camp water pipeline
    Impact: 70,000 people received water after 1 week
    11 July 2014
  • Main desalination plant

    ICRC purchased one high pressure pump for the main seawater desalination plant in Gaza strip
    Impact: Increase drinkable water production capacity by 50% (from 1000 m3/day to 1500 m3/day)
    14 August 2014
  • Electricity

    Increase power supply to Gaza strip by 25% through work in 5 different locations
  • Waste water treatment plant

    Notified repairs for Gaza Waste Water Treatment Plant
    Impact: Prevented sewage (65,000,000L/day) from flooding homes and neighborhoods 15 July 2014
  • Desalination in Khan Younis

    ICRC purchased two feed pumps for desalination plants in Khan Younis
    Impact: Increase drinkable water production for each plant Al Mawasi (Khan Yunis) capacity by 65%
    12 August
  • Water network in Rafah

    ICRC and Coastal Municipalities Water Utility repaired water and sewage network in Rafah
    Impact: 40,000 people receive water after 2 weeks without water and Prevented sewage (3,000,000L/day) from flooding surrounding houses
    16 August
  • Water network in Shoka

    ICRC and Coastal Municipalities Water Utility repaired water network in Shoka
    Impact: 20,000 people receive water after2 weeks without water
    16 August
  • Restoring water to 20,000 people

    ICRC helped repair water pipeline in Nusirate
    Impact: 20,000 receive water after two weeks without
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