Colombia’s violence: A personal take – VIDEOS

Thousands of Colombians endured the grim reality of armed violence in 2013. The ICRC helped 235,000 of them improve their living conditions. Click on the video links below for a glimpse of what life is like for some of them.



  • Cali – Sebastián, a delegate who visits detainees

    A day in the life of an ICRC employee dedicated to improving the conditions of detainees.
  • Antioquia – Mother and son reunited after 15 years

    He went to fight for an armed group as a boy; she thought he was dead. The ICRC’s painstaking efforts to reunite them paid off.
  • Informe Colombia 2013

    CICR - Acción 2013 y perspectivas 2014 - Texto completo del informe anual
  • Nariño – Two women search for missing loved one

    Both are called Imelda: one is Wilmer’s mother; the other his wife. They have been searching for him for years. The ICRC is supporting them.
  • Caquetá – Holmes’s bravery in making a fresh start

    Losing a foot to an explosive device could have shattered his dreams. But today he’s studying at university and making a go of his life.
  • Cali – A job opportunity helped Jesús turn his life around

    Forced to leave Nariño because of the violence, he arrived destitute in Cali. The ICRC helped him find work and get back on his feet.
  • Medellín – A campaign with a musical beat promotes respect for human life

    The ICRC, the Colombian Red Cross and music group Son Batá go into schools in Medellín to promote diversity and tolerance.