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  • 9. @ICRC_sy & @SYRedCrescent stand ready to support medical services in East #Aleppo. We need to be allowed to respond. We are #notatarget.
  • 8. Health facilities lack so many basics - like blankets to keep patients warm. Using body bags instead. Those are now running out too.
  • 7. Fuel + water in increasingly short supply. Neonatal care non-existent. No electricity for incubators. Mothers are delivering at home.
  • 6. Only 2 hospitals can still perform major surgeries. Medical staff can't cope with influx, so cleaning staff now carrying out first aid.
  • 5. First aid in Eastern #Aleppo is now done in the streets. By anyone who is close to the injured.
  • 4. Less than 1/3 hospitals are functional. After yesterday's attack, a total of 6 hospitals remain functional. There used to be 21.
  • 3. Doctors in Western #Aleppo are willing to help. For this to happen, they must have safe passage. Hospitals cannot be targeted.
  • 2. There are as few as 14 trained doctors left in the city. They are exhausted. Another nurse was killed this week.
  • 1. Update from #Syria on the situation in Eastern #Aleppo RN: Dramatic rise in death toll. Reports of hundreds in past few days.
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  • Today in #Aleppo, two hospitals were attacked. Doctors must be allowed to do their jobs in safety, the wounded allowed to leave. #Syria
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